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  • Filter Cartridges


We have option of various filter media cartridge as per details given below. This can be in a combination also.

  • Aluminite : Can effectively adjust mineral substance to supplement mineral substance of filtrating water out from RO membrane
  • Far infrared mineralized ball : Can release little far infrared ray to improve quality and smell of water. It is usually used as RO postpositive filtration
  • Quartz sand : Is a hard, wear proof and steady chemical media. Its main composition is SiO2. It is widely used in water filters, casting, construction, chemical and so on
  • SiliPhos : Is an economy and effective water treatment drug used for protecting drinking water and industrial water system pipeline, main ingredient is polyphosphate and polysilicate. It can hinder the dirt, antisepticise and improve water quality
  • The resin filter cartridge : Is made up of ion exchange resin and food grade cartridge housing. It removes calcium and magnesium ions from water by exchanging them with harmless sodium ion
  • KDF : Is a kind of compound of brass and zinc particles. It is mainly be used to deal with heavy metal impurity and organic pollution of the water
  • Activated Carbon : Is a kind of multi-hole structure carbon- contained substance. Thanks to its special interstice structure, it has more surface area, it is easy to touch fully with poisonous and harmful substance in the water, the strong absorbing force field around the active carbon hole can suck the poisonous molecule immediately into the hole, so the active carbon has extremely strong ability of absorbing

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