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Product Type

  • Fittings


  • Available for food : Fittings are made of non-toxic, harmless materials that are approved by BS, WRAS, FDA, NSF. Products are used as part of the water purifications, water, foods and beverage systems.
  • Workability : Fittings are available in a quicker, more convenient and safer manner. This ISO9001 acknowledged system offers and maintains a very high quality standard. Defects are easily detectable and maintenance is easy with its easy dismantling for access
  • Design : The unique Collets design, based on the practicalism, is being applauded by the customers from all over the world
  • Colour : White, gray and so on


  • It can be readily used for inert gas, liquids and vacuum. It is proper for plastic and is repeatedly reusable. Also, as we offer various sizes for each model, the products have a broad scope of application.
  • Residential RO Filters
  • Vending Machine
  • Ultra Filtration


  • Reduce labour costs and improve efficiency
  • Leakage proof

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  • RO Water Filters in India
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