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Product Type

  • Industrial Membranes


  • Applicable to nearly every area of water treatment because of many different types of hollow fibres (PES, Reinforced PES, PVDF, Braided PVDF)
  • Specially designed supportive parts which can be coated on the inside/outside (borders on being a new mould)
  • Hydrophilic nature of hollow fibre is less susceptible to membrane pollution
  • Using internal solution makes it possible to adjust internal pore sizes (enables us to regulate flow rate)
  • Durable against high-tech material PES< micro organisms, acids, alkali and radiations used in PVDF
  • Our high impact composite membrane is applicable to nearly every area of water treatment


  • Effectively removes most particles, pyrogens, microorganisms, and colloids above their rated size
  • Produces highest quality water for least amount of energy
  • Lower operating costs & energy costs
  • Lower discharge, Less waste water than RO
  • Reduces tannins and turbidity
  • Chemical-Free - i.e. does not use salts or chemicals
  • Using advanced materials such as PES and PVDF, it has a strong durability on microorganisms, alkali, and radiation


  • Industrial applications like WTP, STP
  • Water Treatment
  • Water purification

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