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Product Type

  • Industrial Membranes


  • Consistent performance, wide flow path and short membrane leaf design ensures reliable operation and effective cleaning, when feed water TDS value is lower than 2000 ppm.
  • We can produce the membrane with the diameter from 2.5 inch to 8.0 inch, with the length from 21” to 40”. We adopt standard dimension used all over the world to facilitate replacement between different kinds of membrane
  • With multi series & complete specification, the membrane can meet all kinds of requirement
  • Advanced technology
  • 100% finished product test & strict quality standard


  • BW series brackish Water RO Membrane Elements
  • LP Series Low Pressure Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis
  • TW Series Super Low Pressure Tap Water RO Elements
  • XLE Series Extreme Low Energy & Large Productive RO Membrane Elements
  • ECO Series Low Pressure RO Membrane Elements


  • Availability of complete range
  • We ensure international quality membranes
  • Competitively priced RO membranes
  • We offer made to order special membranes
  • High quality and reasonable price, it reduces investment & maintenance cost

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  • Membrane Manufacturers in India
  • Membrane Manufacturers in India
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